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  • Daunted by the prospect of organising and decluttering your home?
  • Don’t have the time or energy to tackle it?
  • Unsure of where to start?

Whether desk drawers, wardrobe, pantry, spare room, attic or garage I can help make the process of organising and decluttering more manageable and enjoyable – yes, really!

Here’s an idea of the types of services I provide, but every home is different. If you’re ready to make a start, get in touch to arrange a consultation and I’ll tailor my services to your needs, your family and your lifestyle.

I cover Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk and am willing to travel subject to my terms and conditions.

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Wardrobes and bedrooms

Do you feel you haven’t a stitch to wear?

Is your wardrobe fit to bursting with clothes you no longer wear – or with brand-new clothes you’ve never worn but can’t find? Has your wardrobe become more of a floordrobe?

Are your shoe racks overflowing or disorganised?

I can help.

Kitchens, utility rooms and store cupboards

When you take an item out of a cupboard do others fall out?

Are your kitchen cupboards or utility room making the prospect of cooking, cleaning and clothes washing more stressful?

Are you buying multiple cleaning products, tinned food or condiments because you can’t see what you already have?

Let’s get things in order.

Home office and play rooms

Do you feel you’re suffocating under piles of paperwork?

Are you frustrated by being unable to find essential documents, especially at crucial times such as when filing tax or VAT returns? Or when needing to make payments or when policies are due for renewal?

Is your home being overtaken by children’s toys?

From big to little family members, I can introduce new habits in order to be more organised.

Attics, garages and garden sheds

Has your attic become a dumping ground? Are there still unpacked boxes from your last house move lurking up there?

Are you tired of fighting your way through to retrieve the garden furniture each summer?

Are you holding on to items you never use – or perhaps only used once – and need to reclaim some space?

Together, we can find ways for you make the most of these spaces.