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Organising & storage ideas for Christmas & gift wrap paper

Organising & storage ideas for Christmas & gift wrap paper

Christmas seems to have come and gone even quicker this year, and with the difficulties caused by lockdown I have decided to leave my small Christmas tree (I have two!) with just the lovely white lights on it, until the end of January. I have never done this before, but the room is brightened by the twinkling lights, and I find that reassuring. The extra time at home has given me the opportunity for sorting, organising and tidying my gift wrap so that I’ll benefit next year when I am starting the whole process again!

How many times have you thought you were sure you had paper and tags left over from last year, or found supplies after you’ve been out and bought a whole load of new stock? On the other hand, how often have you come to what you had left over from last year, that you thought was in pristine condition and perfect for using this year, and found it to have crumpled edges and unsightly tears, making it unusable?

If you find those situations familiar, why not try these top tips to ensure that next year’s wrapping is as pain free as possible.

  1. Select a suitable size container.
    • Clear plastic boxes are preferable as they enable you to see the contents without opening. ‘Really Useful Boxes’ have one just the right size for rolls of paper!
    • Material bags are also available from Busy B, that can be used for paper and accessory storage and hung up to avoid crushing the contents
    • Paper or plastic bags that shops may give you when purchasing gift wrap can also be used, but these are likely to give less protection that those designed specifically for the job
  2. Ensure the container is large enough to fit the items in easily without unnecessary folding
  3. Collect together all your leftover paper, gift bags, tags, ribbon etc and store together in a single location – preferable a location which you’ll remember 🙂
  4. Discard any creased or torn items. Only keep what you’re likely to want to use and items that will last a year in storage.
  5. Secure those unruly rolls of paper with an elastic band to avoid them tearing when putting in or taking out of storage and to maximize use of space.
  6. Store gift bags inside another bag or in a basket that could be stored on a shelf or in a cupboard.
  7. Gift tags and ribbon can be stored in clear plastic seal bags or small draw string bags.
  8. Storing scissors and tape with your paper can prevent you having to look for them next year, meaning you can get on with the job of wrapping presents straight away.

And one last tip if you’re fed up searching for the end of the sticky tape after every time you put it down, why not cut a small square of plastic from some packaging you’re discarding and use that to place on the end of the tape before putting down.

January 15, 2021